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A wide range of activities has qualified as entertainment through history. And we mean wide. Among those we still enjoy, meta-analyses help explain just what works in this sphere today, and why. Pioneers using technology for innovations that challenge long-held biases, and literally change the way we consume entertainment. © 2020 Tanay and Sach - - - - - TV quote, presumed under Fair Use: Voices of Julie Kavner and  Nancy Cartwright from The Simpsons. Marge supports Bart's new foray into showbiz.  Oscar statuette icon from Freepik. - - - - - Links: - - - - - The Hungarian predecessor of the modern rockstar: Franz Liszt Primer on the Kuleshov Effect, with clips 1991, the year when pop music changed, and the Shazam effect Netflix algorithms that customize catalogues John Plant’s Primitive Technology channel Why Pokemon Go is so addictive Father surprised disabled son had forged close bonds in online game worlds The Makings of a Successful Film The Evolutionary family tree of Stories Examples from crowdsourced lexicons to help analyze film scripts (or fictional plots) “Bisexual lighting” Is there a colour palette common to successful films? Never mind The Voice, music criticism is not as objective as you hoped Daniel Radcliffe’s nifty trick to get the paparazzi off his back Ava Berkofsky, DP correcting decades-long bias in camera and lighting technology AI-authored Harry Potter fan fiction (animated version) Shimon, the marimba-playing robot who can improvise

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