The 'Perfect' Relationship UNCOVERED - with Mimi Ikonn a Alex Ikonn

We can all agree that there is something so freeing about the early stages of dating when you don’t really have much responsibility to one another but at the same time you have taken that step to know that you are exclusive. It’s this critical point at which the foundations of a relationship are built. If there is a couple I admire it’s Alex and Mimi Ikonn. Not only have they built an amazing series of businesses and work together on a daily basis, but what always catches my eye is the strength of their relationship and commitment to one another. They seem to continually grow as individuals whilst growing together and tackling every hurdle with such ease and grace. The excitement of dating is one thing but a successful relationship with real legs is a whole other so lets hear it from Alex and Mimi! Please rate, review a subscribe to What I Know Now. Shop the Heartbreak Manual now! Follow Mimi on Instagram: Follow Alex on Instagram: Amelia on Instagram: #WhatIKnowNowPodcast

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