S2 E1: The Rogue Constable

Criminal Conduct is back with a brand new case. This season, John and Javier investigate a rogue constable in Kentucky accused of planting drugs, stealing money, and shaking people down. Like a police officer, a constable can carry a gun, a badge and drive around town with blue lights. However, unlike police, a constable has all the powers of a sheriff. He answers to no one but the voters on election day. And there's one constable and Kentucky who got our attention. Michael Wallace was first elected constable in 2006. He's known around Pulaski County, Kentucky, for his tough stance against drugs. Constable Wallace doesn't just arrest suspected criminals. He also mocks them on his Facebook page. He stakes signs in front of the suspect's homes that read, "This Drug House Closed for Business, Compliments of the Pulaski County Constable's Office, Michael 'Wally' Wallace." How do constables make money in Kentucky? A constable in Kentucky can keep up to 85% of the cash he seizes and a percentage of the proceeds from the property he takes. But other constables have found different ways of making money. Constable Wallace's suspects say he doesn't just seize their property— he steals their cash too.  This season, we're tracking Constable Wallace to find out how he gets away with his style of law enforcement. ____________ Today's episode was written and produced by John Taylor and Javier Leiva A special thanks to our executive producer: Advertisecast and Ruby Rose Fox, for allowing us to use her song, "Bury the Body."  Follow us on social media:  Twitter Facebook Instagram Leave a review Please leave us a review on Apple Podcast. Want more? Also, check out our other podcasts: PRETEND and TWISTED. © 2021 Creative Babble. All Rights Reserved. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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