S3 Episode 6: Ram Jaane (1995) - with Vinay Shukla

Early in his career, Shah Rukh Khan did a series of films where he played the anti-hero. One of those films was Ram Jaane  (1995), a full-bodied remake of the James Cagney classic, Angels with Dirty Faces. Ram Jaane could've been a career-defining film for SRK but it failed to have a lasting impact. Nevertheless, it's a very peculiar film and if you're a SRK fan, you probably have many memories around the film. In conversation with Vinay Shukla, who wrote Ram Jaane, on — the parallels between Cagney and SRK, SRK's performance in Ram Jaane, the actor's rather interesting wardrobe for the film,  what the film could've been and why in spite of its flaws, Ram Jaane has its moments. Feedback/comments/questions: loveofcinemasf@gmail.comCredits:Produced and hosted by: Himanshu (@loveofcinemasf8)Editor: Devika JoglekarMusic: Nakul Abhyankar Copyrights © Love of Cinema 2021 Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/LoveOfCinema)

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