#036 - ÄEONXP™ Ecosystem

The ÄEONXP™ ecosystem redefines traditional brick and mortar entertainment by introducing guests to multifaceted levels of engagement that allow them to personalize their experiences across theme parks, live events, branded destinations, location-based entertainment venues, or individual attractions. A key feature is its ability to be networked across multiple sites and experiences, connecting guests to a larger universe of play and possibility.   In this episode, we are joined by L. Scott Demerau co-founder and CEO of Katmandu Group. Learn more about Katmandu Group here: https://www.katmandugroup.com/   ABOUT THIS PODCAST:   "Experience Imagination" is a Themed Entertainment Podcast presented by Falcon's Creative Group, a design studio and media house that works to create immersive experiences around the world. Learn more about us at falconscreativegroup.com   FOLLOW FALCON'S ON SOCIAL:   Twitter: twitter.com/falconscg    Facebook: facebook.com/falconscreativegroup/    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/falcon's-treehouse-llc

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