Guest Katerina Rothman, Linen Expert

We are happy to introduce Katerina Rothman to our show today. She is the founder of Beflax Linen which offers 100% pure linen bedding and home décor products for bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Katerina talks about the importance and benefits of linen, how to choose a suitable fabric for your home, and styling tips using linen. In This Episode:  [02:10] Katerina speaks about the inspiration behind her company, Beflax.   [09:00] Why linen is a woman's best friend.   [14:31] Linen is so breathable; great for women going through menopause and night sweats.  [18:20] About the other products you can enjoy from Beflax.  [25:55] Linen is exceptionally durable; linen bedding is going to last at least a decade.  Key Takeaways:    Linen is a luxury fabric; if you are buying high-quality linen, it will never be cheap. Linen is a truly versatile fabric; it can come in many different weights and is excellent in a variety of settings. The best quality linen is actually coming from Europe, specifically Belgium. Linen resists moisture – the fabric will both absorb the moisture and wick it away from your skin, making it great for people suffering from hot flashes.    Links Mentioned: Beflax Linen Bathrobe Home Goods

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