Writing Our Stories into Being — Angeline Boulley

Writing a debut novel that becomes a New York Times bestseller is an impressive feat. Doing it over 10 years while raising children and working a full-time job is simply awe-inspiring.

Angeline Boulley is the author of Firekeeper's Daughter, a layered Native American thriller. She is an enrolled member of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and writes about her Ojibwe community.

In today's episode, we learn more about Daunis Fountaine, the book's main character, and her distinctive character traits. While there are similarities between Angeline and Daunis, the teen character blossomed into something unique and fierce. We hear some moving excerpts from the book, and Angeline talks about the gravity of the regalia and elder scenes in the work.

Our conversation also touches on the complexity of strong women, why the book is not a trauma story, and we also find out more about what Angeline's fascinating writing process was like.

This moving dialogue around the power of women creators and the role they play in shaping their cultural stories will lift your spirits and potentially change your life.

• Hear about what Angeline was like as a little girl.
• Where Angeline grew up and insights into her cultural background.
• Hear about what Firekeeper's Daughter's main character, Daunis Fountaine, is like.
• How similar and different Daunis is from Angeline.
• What Daunis's greatest virtue and greatest flaw are.
• The tension that Daunis feels struggling with different aspects of her identity.
• Why it was so important for Angeline to convey the significance of Daunis's regalia.
• The role that elders play in the book and how Angeline views elders in all of our lives.
• Why it was so important for Angeline to include the complex Aunty character in her book.
• We do strong women an injustice when we place them on pedestals.
• How the word "resilient” is often misused to justify suffering.
• The balance Angeline had to find between telling the truth and overloading Daunis with tragedy.
• How Angeline found time to write the book while raising children and having a job.
• What Angeline has learned about being kinder to herself from having children.
• The impact that having teenagers had on Angeline's ability to write a teen character.
• Why Angeline decided to make her first book the epic work it is.
• How Angeline learned the craft of fiction, given that she did not study creative writing.
• The support that Angeline had during her writing journey.
• Angeline's tips for aspiring writers: find what works for you.
• What Angeline, as a heroine, feels she is reclaiming for herself.


Angeline Boulley - https://angelineboulley.com/
Angeline Boulley on Twitter - https://twitter.com/FineAngeline?ref_src=twsrc%255Egoogle%257Ctwcamp%255Eserp%257Ctwgr%255Eauthor
Firekeeper's Daughter - https://www.amazon.com/Firekeepers-Daughter-Angeline-Boulley/dp/1250766567
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