#93 Brussel Crowe

Support the podkitchen on patreon at patreon.com/braisedbits Check out the new discord community!! Link in the Braised Bits ig bio. 00:00-00:30- Lance reads an ad for Ben Franklin Next of Kin. 00:30- 00:30- The chefs submerge Ibaka into the podkitchen as Jesse asks Lance how the hell or highwater he is. 01:45-03:07- Jesse and Lance debate whether or not it is important to have a Lance arm strong face. 3:13- 4:26- Lance delivers the goods with a Michael Good reference. 4:55- 7:58- Lance shouts out Zachary Shnackery for adding nice color commentary to the chefs Paul Blart Mall discussion. 7:58- 9:22- Jesse defends his Shannon sharper image position. 9:22-11:40- Lance proves Jesses point pleasant with a panic at the discord picture of over flowing gerrit cole slaw. 11:40-17:00- Lances highlight had him being a family guy as he made his families chopped liver recipe wee herman and also went on a hike Lee. 17:00- 21:03- Jesses highlight had him also being a family guy fieri while he enjoyed a weekend filled with salmon and Alec Baldwin. 21:03- 57:37- The chefs Joe list their top nine side dishes. 57:37- 1:02:27- Phil Jackson and Kate predict the chefs favorite side dish networks. 1:02:27- 1:09:19 - Lances QAB had him taking carey mulligan of his table mate at a wedding. 1:09:19-1:14:00 - Jesses QAB had him getting called the Dave Matthews Band of comedy at his local Bart Starrbucks.  1:14:00- 1:15:19 - The chefs bring in the closer and Lance promotes his upcoming live stand up recording on 9/26. Jesse promotes his Giggles N’ Cream show on 9/30.

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