Season 1: Pixel Perfect with Keith Kitz

Guest Description: Keith Kitz is a Program Director of the Master of Arts in Graphic Design at Suffolk University where he is also an Assistant Professor teaching Graphic Design. He is a founder of Keith Kitz Design, his own agency, where his high-profile and broad expertise in graphic design as well as creative direction, thrives in depth of conceptual and visual understanding. Keith got his Masters of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Boston University where he used to be a design lecturer. Prior to that, he graduated from Mount St. Joseph University with a degree in Graphic Design and also an alum of School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio, his home town. One fun fact about Keith is that he’s been designing one poster a day using different techniques and materials. His art is incredible and so fascinating that we admire and are super excited to talk to him more today. Disclaimer In the last couple of months, we have continued to interview guests and we had been saving it up until the time is right. It appears the time is right now to share this with the world! @brettddesigns and @andydoandesigns213 are so excited! In late 2019, the @pixelperfecttalk team had been planning on starting this podcast where we interviewed creatives about how they learn from their mistakes and how it helped with their success. But then the pandemic hit, and we created this Instagram account with the following podcast. Visit us  Subscribe to us on Apple and Spotify Follow us @pixelperfecttalk on Instagram

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