Let's Stop Nurse Bullying Now | The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 152

On episode 152 of The Nurse Keith Show nursing career podcast, we dive deep into nurse bullying, including how to bully-proof yourself, how to respond to bullying, and how to strategize eradicating bullying from your workplace. The focus for this conversation is Renee Thompson's wonderful book, "Do No Harm Applies to Nurses Too: Strategies to Protect and Bully-Proof Yourself at Work".  Nurse Keith is a holistic career coach for nurses, as well as a professional podcaster, published author, inspiring speaker, and successful nurse entrepreneur. Show notesFind Keith on the following platforms:  NurseKeith.com Facebook.com/NurseKeithCoaching Twitter.com/nursekeith Instagram.com/nursekeithcoaching The Pulse Media Podcast NetworkRNFM Radio Keith's award-winning blog, Digital Doorway

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