Midnight Mass Aftershow | Book III: Proverbs

In this episode, we discuss the major revelation of what happened to Monsignor Pruitt. (0:45) - Welcome(1:38) - Opening Prayer(2:15) - Synopsis(4:09) - Sermon Synopsis This episode fills in details about what happened to Monsignor Pruitt. We also pick up right at the moment after Leesa's spine is healed. The town clamors for more healings and Riley is skeptical. Signs of de-aging become more pronounced, but no one openly talks about it. MIDNIGHT MASS (L to R) ANNABETH GISH as DR. SARAH GUNNING, HAMISH LINKLATER as FATHER PAUL, and SAMANTHA SLOYAN as BEV KEANE in episode 103 of MIDNIGHT MASS Cr. EIKE SCHROTER/NETFLIX © 2021

2356 232

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