Episode 47.1 | Bryan’s Take

Jacob Garlick gave such an honest tale of his reflection of his life and his relationship with his father. He owes his generosity and business skills to his father who was such an important figure in his life. When his father passed away, Jacob continued his father’s legacy and relationship and he used his experiences to propel him forward. When we go through hardships, we can use it as an experience to make us better and make an impact on others. Jacob Garlick: https://bwmissions.com/jacob-garlick/ Follow Bryan Wish on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/bryanwish/ Follow Bryan Wish on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bryanwish_?s=11 Follow Bryan Wish on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bryanwish_/ Join our Mission: bwmissions.com/join/ Join our Community: my.community.com/bwmissions

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