Episode 25.1 | Bryan’s Take

Bryan marvels at how Daniel’s One Away Moment consisted of him thanking two very important people in his life who have helped him in his career. Julia helped Daniel understand his work better as well as be someone who grounded him through his endeavors. Bryan explains the importance of having people in our lives that humble us and give us feedback when we need it. Take a look at the people in your life: are they the people who will push you to be better? You can read more about this episode here: https://bwmissions.com/blog/daniel-dippold-podcast Follow Bryan Wish on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/bryanwish/ Follow Bryan Wish on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bryanwish_?s=11 Follow Bryan Wish on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bryanwish_/ Join our Mission: bwmissions.com/join/ Join our Community: my.community.com/bwmissions

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