Why You Need to Network When You Don’t Need Help, with Karen Wickre

As a culture, we are more disconnected than ever before. We move often and change jobs quickly. Many people don’t think about networking until they need help in finding their next job. It’s vital to stay connected to others and to nurture our network even when we don’t need help. Find Your Dream Job podcast guest, Karen Wickre, says a great network can provide you with many benefits other than a lead on a new job. Karen also explains how daily networking habits can keep you from feeling overwhelming and can make a real difference in your life and the lives of your professional connections.. About Our Guest: A long-time communicator and connector, Karen Wickre (https://www.linkedin.com/in/karenwickre/) has spent more than 30 years in Silicon Valley as an editor and collaborator. Her new book, “Taking the Work Out of Networking: An Introverts Guide to Connections That Count,” reflects her lifelong interest in making meaningful connections. An avid media consumer, Karen also serves on the boards of several organizations supporting journalism and news literacy. Resources in This Episode: Karen wrote “Taking the Work out of Networking: An Introvert’s Guide to Connections that Count” to help people get past their fear and dislike of “networking” in favor of a more authentic, friendly way to nurture connections with people you know and people you want to know. Get a copy of the book at https://www.amazon.com/Taking-Work-Out-Networking-Connections-ebook/dp/B07CL5ZWL9/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8aqid=1545246526asr=8-1akeywords=Networking%3A+An+Introvert%27s+Guide+to+Making+Connections+That+Count Discover more about Karen and the services she offers at her website, karenwickre.com. Your presence online is critical in order for employers to find you. Learn how to use your social media to make a favorable impression by enrolling in our free online course, How to Wow and Woo Employers Online: macslist.teachable.com/p/impress-employers-online/?src=podcast From our sponsor: Jobscan is an online tool that optimizes keywords and customizes your resume for greater chances of landing an interview. Visit www.jobscan.co/dreamjob for a 10% discount.

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