Episode 96 | How to Ignite Employee Passion, Purpose and Fulfillment w/ Chris Meroff

Chris Meroff shares his leadership aha moments and how they led him to prioritize employee fulfillment as a way to ignite employee passion. He explains that fulfillment is a product of alignment, and he introduces the concepts of employee success planning and defining purpose to achieve alignment. He favors “employee services’ over “human resources,” pointing out that he wants to serve employees in his organization. Along with his generational perspectives (the loyalty of boomers has been replaced by the quest for fulfillment demanded by millennials), Chris offers a fresh perspective on how HR can back to what that department was intended for - to resource the human beings in your company. Chris Meroff has spent more than 25 years supporting leaders in education at both the campus and district levels. Through his work in 17 states and across thousands of school districts, he’s seen firsthand the frustration administrators feel when their efforts don’t produce the alignment they desire. Never content to sit on the sidelines, he’s made a career of testing new leadership ideas to see what works—and what doesn’t—in service-oriented leadership. His business, Alignment Leadership Consulting, exists to teach leaders how they can boldly pursue a workplace culture that prioritizes employee fulfillment. URLs: https://www.ajoconnor.com/HRstudio/podcasts/Chris-Meroff

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