223: Taking Inspired Action to Create Effortless Success

Watch my Core Story Free Training Here! – www.yourvirtualupline.com/belief One of the biggest LIES I see so many network marketers buy into is this →  That it’s ACTIONS that create success.  So they hustle harder, do more, pull longer hours – and basically sacrifice their life to reach their goals … But still never get the results they want. That’s exactly where my incredible podcast guest Katherine Debs found herself toward the end of last year, before she decided to trust her gut and join our leadership certification program, LLA. Katherine had been showing up and grinding it out for 8 full years in her business – doing all the things, following all the training …  …but nothing seemed to make the difference she wanted. She knew some missing piece was holding her back – and she needed to find it soon or she’d end up burning out completely! It was only when she joined LLA, and started working with the Formula for Transformation that she finally discovered what that missing piece was: Her true self. From an early age, Katherine had held the belief that sharing her voice was wrong. But once she realized how this limiting belief had been holding her back and was able to choose a new Green Light Story (that her voice, her ideas and her SELF were good enough, and needed to be shared) ... …then everything changed. See, it all starts with belief.  And its BELIEF – not action – that creates your success. If you’re someone who’s ever struggled with burn out, overwhelm, or needing to hustle like crazy to feel deserving, I promise this episode could change your life! 

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