48: Building a Massive Following on Social Media

Today we are talking about how to build a massive following on social media. Hopefully by now, many of you are using Facebook and creating videos to build your following. Perhaps you are doing this but you are still struggling. This can be extremely frustrating! Most people get discouraged and quit at this point. However, you must remember that marketing takes time and it is hard work. In this episode I share the formula for how I built my social media following to where it is today. This took me over six months of creating content every day. Consistent application of this formula will bring the results you are looking for. Social Media Growth Formula: Attention + Trust = Growth of your following Attention has three parts: Be authentic and abstain from watering down your true self Be generous with your knowledge, information, and time Be consistent each and every day When you leverage these three items you gain attention which is followed by trust and thus your following grows. For you to gain a following you have to have the long game in mind. You must have a willingness to give and stick with it! I hope this episode give you a ton of value. Remember not to get discouraged and follow the formula! Be sure to register for my next live training session here: BobHeilig.com/VideoTraining

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