Will a Chief Growth Officer’s Hyper-Growth Journey Propel him to Success as a Founder?

In this week’s episode of The Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis and Ethan Garr are joined by Hugo Pereira as he describes the experience of bringing the lessons of leading a hyper-growth rocketship into his new role as a startup founder. 


When Hugo first appeared on the podcast in 2020 he was Chief Growth Officer of EVBox, a manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations. The market was exploding, and Hugo had discovered that the more he and his team leaned into customer advocacy as a mechanism for leading their industry, the more success they could drive.


Listen to the original interview here: apple.co/3xmXoT1


After seven years, Hugo decided it was time for a change. While taking a sabbatical with his family, the idea for Ritmoo, a team communications and engagement platform, was born. And today, Hugo is on his way and applying the lessons from his EVBox days to building something unique and valuable.


So, in this conversation, we look to understand how Hugo approaches his search for product/market fit, and how his experience informs his thinking and decision-making.  We also ask how his passion for customer advocacy can serve him in this next chapter of his career. 


We even discuss how some of his EVBox experiences may have to be unlearned or rethought as he faces new challenges in a very different startup environment.


Hugo’s experience and track record are powerful tools to guide his next chapter, but the reality is that there are no guarantees for new businesses. So this is an honest conversation about taking a big shot but giving yourself the best odds using what you have learned as your compass.




We discussed:

* From Hypergrowth to starting anew: Hugo’s Journey (05:01)



* Bringing learnings from growth stages into a startup (10:51)



* Putting the focus on customers, not competition (12:21)



* Too many choices and other founder challenges (19:48)



* Principles for building a new tool for businesses (38:33)


And much, much, more . . . 

The Breakout Growth Podcast is also on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-K_CY4-IrZ_auEIs0j97zA/featured

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