Face-to-face gas conference Gastech puts energy transition in focus

In the latest installment of the S&P Global Platts Commodities Focus podcast, Harry Weber, a Platts senior natural gas writer in Houston, is joined by Dania El Saadi and Claudia Carpenter in Dubai. Dania is a Platts senior editor, Middle East news, and Claudia is Platts editorial lead, Middle East crude. They discuss the recently completed Gastech, the biggest in-person gathering of gas market participants since the coronavirus pandemic erupted almost two years ago. While there were nibbles around the edges of the market, the conference did not produce any major firm long-term offtake agreements that might help developers sanction a new liquefaction or regasification project. The attendees shared their outlooks, ideas for controlling fossil fuel emissions, technical innovations for cutting project costs, and thoughts about geopolitical and regulatory opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

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