174 // David‘s Lab | A Roundtable Discussion Part One (Exquisite Corpse - Dissecting Alien: Covenant Part Two)

There's no beating around the bush: Alien: Covenant is, at its heart, a divisive film in fandom. So how do we make sense of it? Do we throw it all out and hope for a more unifying film next time? It's never that simple. While there is a lot that is controversial about Alien: Covenant, there is a lot that is profound as well.

In this roundtable discussion, Jaime, Patrick, Christian, Andie, Perry, and Maj jump into the deep end to discuss a film that continues to be a flashpoint in fandom. While not the success the studio had hoped for—or the rallying point fans were desperate to receive—Covenant is worthy of exploration. We hope you enjoy.

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