Linen, Beige, Minimal: Why Sara Crampton Is A Pioneer Of A Curated Feed

Sara Crampton founded Harper and Harley more than a decade ago - before Instagram even existed, and only just as Facebook was gaining traction.  Since then, she’s worked relentlessly to grow from a blogger to a business owner, with her online retail store, The Undone. She remains one of Australia’s most well known women when it comes to style, even appearing on the 2016 reality show Fashion Bloggers. Just like her style aesthetic, Sara’s ‘grid’ is minimalist and lush. With earthy tones and fine lines, she curates a sense of luxury in order. But life is messy. Sara has a dog. She has a husband. She has a baby on the way. Sara opens up to host Tully Smyth about finding balance between the mess of real life and the order of her online presence, why she would never do reality TV again, and how she’s separated Harper and Harley from her own personal identity. GUEST: Sara Crampton - @harperandharley and @theundonestore HOST: Tully Smyth - @tee_smyth PRODUCER: Elise Cooper GET IN TOUCH Call the PodPhone on 02 8999 9386. Email the show at  Social Squad is a podcast by Mamamia. Find more shows here Social Squad is also Mamamia's influencer marketing agency. Check us out on Instagram @socialsquad Support the show: See for privacy information.

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