Why do we do what we do? Plus checklists for your project.

Hello! This is Episode 218, and in it, I’m going to take a slightly different direction. This is very different to the episode I had originally planned for Episode 218. I was going to share a list of checklists every renovation or new build project needs - and don’t worry - I’ll still mention them so you have the info, so stay tuned for that in this episode. However, there’s a few things that have come up the past week that I want to share with you. Largely because I think it may actually be more relevant and more helpful to your project journey than me telling you about checklists.  However, this info is just a bit harder for me to talk about, because I’m going to get personal. It always feels a bit indulgent to spend this time with you talking about my own learnings and experience. But let’s give it a try, shall we?  Because time and time again, when I do, I get feedback that it’s helpful. And having worked with homeowners for over 25 years, I know that you’re often experiencing quite similar things both inside your project, and outside of it, so to bring these things into the light can also be helpful and validating too.  Of course, if you’re not interested, now is your opportunity to switch this podcast episode off! And as I said, I will mention the checklists also - I’ve got eight to talk about with you, that I’ll share at the end of this episode. You can also grab a full transcript of this episode, plus info about other helpful links and resources related to this topic, as a free PDF download by heading to www.undercoverarchitect.com/218.  Now, let’s dive in! SHOW NOTES: If you’re struggling with understanding the overall steps for your project, what you should be focussing on and when, or how to best invest your efforts, energy and money to get a great outcome in your future home, I’ve created something super helpful for you. Access my free online workshop “Your Project Plan” now >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/projectplan This free workshop will really help you understand the best steps to take wherever you’re at in your project, and how you can avoid some serious and expensive mistakes.  Plus, I’ll share with you what to focus on and when, so you know you’re getting everything in order for a successful project and beautiful home. And you’ll get access to some great bonuses as well. Is there such a thing as ‘your project mindset’?  And what role does mindset play in renovating and building your family home?  Want to learn more? Plus also hear about some specific checklists that will be useful for your reno or building project? LISTEN TO THE PODCAST NOW. RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS PODCAST: For links and resources mentioned in this podcast, head to >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/218 Watch the recording (if still available) of my free online workshop “The 4 Universal Factors that will make or break your project” >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/four Access my free “Your Project Plan” online workshop and awesome bonuses now >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/projectplan Access the support and guidance you need to be confident and empowered when renovating and building your family home inside my flagship online program >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/courses/the-home-method/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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