EP 88 - Rob Liano - Asking for referrals

Rob Liano is not only one of my best friends and mentors but he's a Telesales Trainer, Coach, and Consultant, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker,  Ready to Rock!

From Rob
If your sales force needs effective telesales strategies designed to qualify and close more sales, lower your CPA and gain more referrals, I can make it rain.

I never planned on getting into sales. I was a drummer with dreams of being a rockstar. Music was all I needed, well, until I realized I also needed to make money. To do so, I followed in my dad's footsteps taking a job selling vacuums, door to door. It sucked! Well, I sucked, because I didn't know what I was doing. But after attending the way too early 7:30 AM meetings, I learned sales skills and miraculously started to "drum up" business.

But I was a musician so it was just cash. I eventually went on tour and performed on TV and radio, and it was awesome! When the tour ended, the reality of having no income hit me. Basically, I went from signing autographs to signing bad checks and almost went bankrupt. Since sales was the only other career I was good at, I decided "I'm going back into sales."

That's when the love affair started. Through avid study, trial and error, and innovative thinking, my skills steadily improved. I discarded archaic tactics while cultivating insight that was simple, logical, and uncommonly effective. Serving prospects became euphoric to me.

And then the breakthrough happened!

My methodologies allowed me to change the face of insurance sales. I revolutionized an industry whose primary focus was product knowledge but lacked sales training. My modern telesales process became the catalyst to agents and agencies becoming multi-million-dollar producers. Those results inspired me to take the show on the road, branching out into all sales industries. 

They say I'm genuine, enthusiastic, and funny, I say I'm results-driven, and getting results is all that matters. Plus, I like to be center stage, so speaking and training is a natural fit. I'll even ditch the leather pants and wear a suit upon request. ; )

Are you ready to rock? Get in touch and let's chat.

At your service,

Rob Liano

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