#102: Kidney Stones and your Diet

IN THE NEWS: Toasted vs. untoasted bread: Is one healthier a easier to digest? Also, how exercise enhances your brain.  MAIN: Kidney Stones and your Diet. About 10% of people will have a kidney stone at some point in their life, and the type of stone you have can determine what foods or drinks you should consume or avoid to reduce your risk of getting another kidney stone TRIVIA: What is the world record for the biggest kidney stone? LISTENER QUESTION: How do I get rid of hiccups? We now offer RDN and DTR CONTINUING EDUCATION through our website. WEBSITE: www.lettuceexplain.com TWITTER:@LettuceExplain INSTAGRAM: @lettuceexplain FACEBOOK: @lettuceexplain EMAIL: lettuceexplain@gmail.com

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