Special Guest Anthony Filippone

Today I’m joined by French Quarter Resident, Anthony Filippone. Anthony Started life as firefighter in New Jersey. Heavily injured in a fire explosion, burned over 37% his body. He spent months in comma, and years in recovery, “losing most of his 20s” he found his way to tattooing. After 20 years, he retired from running a tatto shop in Tennessee to living French Quarter of New Orleans. Anthony now produces groovy Tie Dyed shirts he sells locally and online through his Instagram @crypticink and Etsy Etsy Shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/crypticinktiedye/ —-/——- Grab a FREE copy my eBOOK, You Don’t Have to Die Broke: https://linktr.ee/fullauto11 The blue print to building wealth hasn’t changed in 5000 years. You own a business, invest in business or real estate. Pick one, or pick all three but you have to pick at least one of them to get YOURSELF RICH. The Purpose of my content is to share with average every day people a blue print to getting rich. You don't have to settle for less! Please do yourself a favor and read my two books.

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