SC 122 - How to Make Online Dating Work For You - Evan Marc Katz

Dating advice on a relationship podcast? Yes, enough people said they wanted that, so we're experimenting with our first dating episode. Evan Marc Katz brings some amazingly simple and practical advice to the online dating scene. There are loads of great tips here to turn dumb luck into a skill. Singles will benefit, but there's some practical relationship advice in here as well. How to have higher quality first dates [13:00] The ‘2, 2, 2’ rule for better connection through online dating [15:00] The power in being passive [23:00] Gender roles in modern dating [24:00] Why you don't want a 50/50 relationship [26:00] Balancing chemistry and compatibility [29:00] The difference between 'Compromising' and 'Settling' [33:00] Fighting vs problem-solving in relationship [36:00] What if you're dating someone who's not into personal growth? [48:00] Why 'Just be yourself' is bad advice [46:00] Why you should be 'Slow to hire, quick to fire' [50:00]

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