EP160: My Father Abandoned Me - Father Wound Ep 1/5

In this series of interviews, I talk to men who have healed their, previously horrible, relationship to their father.   Children who grow up without fathers tend to have more mental health issues, more rates of suicide, more issues in school (higher drop out rates), and a whole slew of other issues.   It's undebatable the importance of our fathers. Unfortunately, many men have either grown up with an abusive or absent father. Naturally, this creates distance between them and their dad, along with resentment, distrust, anger and sadness.   I wanted to speak with men who had gone through their pain, and healed their relationships with their fathers.    This episode shares the stories of men who grew up with varying relationships with their fathers, the emotional turmoil they struggled with, and how they reached a healthier relationship them. If you're interested in some one on one coaching support with me, go here, and let's set up a discovery call and have a conversation.  This episode is sponsored by Let's Get Checked. Want to get your Testosterone checked? Or an STI check? Go to https://trylgc.com/intimate and use the Coupon Code HeathyYou2020 for 20% off any hormone test kit. 

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