Rodrigo Blaas: Director of SITH from STAR WARS VISIONS, Vol. 2 (Roundtable)

Today is a special roundtable episode celebrating the wondrous Star Wars Visions. Thanks to Lucasfilm, I was able to interview Rodrigo Blaas of El Guiri Studios, alongside several others Star Wars content creators. Rodrigo, of course, directed the first new short for Star Wars Visions, Volume 2 … the stunning SITH.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with this incredible artist.

Thank you so much again to Rodrigo, the PR team, as well as Lucasfilm for the opportunity. If you want to learn more about Rodrigo, head to Star Wars Dot Com to read my full interview with him:

Other panelists included: Triad of the Force, Skytalkers, The Resistance Broadcast, Ahch-To Radio, Fantha Tracks, and Full of Sith. And, of course, Volume 2 of Visions is now streaming on Disney+, and is just absolutely fantastic.

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