The Medici Effect

Whether we like it or not, the process of innovation is dictated by random combinations of different concepts. Individuals and teams who often break new ground know this and therefore maximise their chances of finding intersectional ideas. They do it by introducing diversity into their occupations, teams, and encounters.

Frans Johansson has named this concept ‘The Medici Effect’ after the Medicis, the 15th Century banking family in Florence, Italy. The Medicis funded creators from a wide range of disciplines and brought sculptors, scientists, poets, philosophers, financiers, painters, and architects to converge on the city of Florence. This was the beginning of The Renaissance—a period where knowledge and creativity were advancing. 

This book will show you how to find such intersectional ideas and make them happen. It isn't just about the Medici family or the Renaissance era. It's about the elements that made that era possible.

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