81 | Josh Kirby, Chief Product Officer, Kin Slips

Humans have been using cannabis for thousands of years, but there's still room for innovation. Like Kin Slips.  These dissolvable strips are an under-the-tongue delivery system that contain 10 milligrams of cannabis each. Seniors, young moms, and creative professionals are among those who love this form factor, which quickly delivers a reliable dose, anytime, anywhere, says Kin Slips Chief Product Officer Josh Kirby. If you're interested in innovation in the cannabis space, listen and learn how: Kin Slips offer an attractive alternative to more traditional edibles. The pandemic led to a steeper adoption curve for Kin Slips. Sublinguals bypass the digestion system and take effect in about 10 minutes. Kin Slips supports several charities, including the Last Prisoner Project.

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