How to spot a good PA/MD working relationship

Want to watch this podcast instead? (you'll quickly see we have good faces for podcasting!): Support PA Startup, subscribe to our channel--I mean, we might as well make this official, am I right? How do you find a good fit as a new graduate who is just wanting to get hired? Too often new grads take a job without thinking about their relationship with the physician. We work closely with physicians as PAs, but not all physicians understand the best ways to utilize PAs. There is a huge difference between working in a practice where you're utilized well and practicing to the top of your ability versus being stuck simply doing grunt work. Hopefully this episode can show you what to WATCH FOR and what to watch OUT for! Links: Visit us: FREE RESOURCES: Complete Episode List: Give us a FOLLOW! Instagram: Support PA Startup: Swag: Audible trial: PA Startup Guide to Writing Your Application Essay:

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