PA School Loans PAID OFF in just 16 months?!??

How do you pay for PA school? How hard is it to pay off student loan debt? Meet Kristin. She’s a PA, just like us. She graduated and got a job, just like us. But that’s where the similarities stop (with us anyway!)—she paid off nearly $200,000 in student loans in JUST 16 MONTHS! She didn’t stop there…she has some exciting things going on with her new financial freedom and BEST OF ALL—she can help YOU do it too. Kristin offers coaching both in-person and online to help you get on top of your financial situation, whether you’re a student, new grad, or old guy like Chris. Student loans are a fact of life for pretty much everyone. With the average cost of PA school coming in at $88,677 (!!!)* we all expect to have them and have to pay them. I’ve always assumed paying them down with the minimum payment was the only option—until THIS conversation! Give Kristin a shout: Or hit up her website for free blog articles, get on her mailing list, or check out her coaching course: Kristin rocks. I want to be like Kristin some day. Time Stamps: 2:26–The beauty of flexibility as a PA 2:51–What’s it like working overnights? 4:16–How much debt did Kristin have? 7:38–HOW DID SHE GET OUT OF IT? 13:45–How to pick a moonlighting gig 17:25–Tips for getting started 21:03–What you should be doing in school 22:30–Kristin drops the mic (even more unBELIEVABLE news!) 25:34–No wait, she’s not done—yet another Mic Drop moment! 26:30–Where Kristin invests money (*not financial advice, just her experience!) 30:05–How Kristin can help YOU do the SAME THING 32:50–Where to find Kristin online, get on her mailing list, or check out her course 35:39–Overwhelmed by debt? Kristin has some encouragement for you *Thanks to The PA Life for this statistic, show Stephen some love: Don't forget to hit "Like" and subscribe to the PA Startup channel on YouTube! Links: Visit us: FREE RESOURCES: Complete Episode List: Give us a FOLLOW! Instagram: Twitter: Support PA Startup: Swag: Audible trial: PA Startup Guide to Writing Your Application Essay:  

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