Covid-19 and Your Mental Health

Join Barry Toone and Kristin Walker with their guests, geneticist and infectious disease specialist Dr. David Vigerust to talk about the facts when it comes to the Coronavirus. How do our first responders take precautionary measures to safeguard their health while being on the frontlines helping us? Why we have it all wrong when it comes to wearing a mask. How we should be looking at South Korea when it comes to proper testing and accurate information. Why it is important to stay away from venues such as conferences for the time being. And - why we must stop harassing, bullying, and emotionally terrorizing our fellow human beings out of misinformation, panic, and fear -based thinking. Frank King, The Mental Health Comedian, also shares his experience as one of the passengers of the MS Westerdam cruise ship where no one tested positive for the virus. He was tested, cleared to go home, and then became a target of the worst of humanity with trolling, death threats, bullying, and harassment. He is not the only one and we discuss how that kind of behavior will have a detrimental impact on all of our mental health.

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