The F*ck It Podcast

Welcome to this super casual podcast by Caroline Dooner, the author of The F*ck It Diet and Tired as F*ck. Back in 2016, this podcast was a way to talk more about The F*ck It Diet, and healing from dieting, but most of the episodes dedicated to The F*ck It Diet were posted pre-2022. Now Caroline also talks about other relevant (and irrelevant) topics like: black and white thinking, cult mentality, exhaustion, productivity culture, and allll the rest. Caroline chats with herself and with other experts and practitioners about topics near and dear to her heart. There will be lots of rambling. There will be lots of conversations with her dog. There was even a one year period back in 2017 when she didn't know why her microphone was so loud. But this podcast WILL be free from diet culture, and newer episodes will be dedicated to things that Caroline finds interesting 10 years after healing her own relationship with food.