The Soul Evolution

Welcome to The Soul Evolution Podcast with Vanessa Marie Dewsbury My journey... ​Like so many others, I lived many years of my life being who everyone else wanted me to be. I adopted the labels and followed the “rules” but I always felt this sort of resistance in my heart. The truth was, I was going against the grain of my own soul by following the crowd. By doing all the things that deep down inside, I just didn’t want to do. By not listening to my heart, I was hiding who I really was, I was hiding my truth. This lack of expression lead me to feelings of depression, anxiety and stress. The more I hid my light, the darker my world became. Eventually health issues showed up and changed my entire life. I didn’t realize at the time but those health issues were a gift, a blessing in disguise, and they surfaced so I could face my reality, and become more honest with myself and how I was choosing to live. My health issues brought me the gift of insight and self awareness and they prompted me to go within and examine all the things that weren’t working for me. As I did my "inner work," I started to become more lighter, more clear. This lead me to the path of Reiki Energy Healing, which then lead me to Life Coaching/Spiritual Guidance. I now live a life of service helping guide others back home to their heart, to the beautiful and authentic truth of who they really are. Vanessa Marie Dewsbury Reiki Master | Spiritual Guide & Author

by Vanessa Marie Dewsbury - 10 episodes

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