S1E18 - Affirmations for Women Entrepreneurs - Attract Abundance In Your Business

Welcome to this Meditation for attracting abundance into your life and business.

Positive affirmations combined with meditation can help reprogram your subconscious mind and create a new way of thinking and being. They help you acquire an empowering belief system so you move you towards your goals and dreams with more confidence, clarity and courage. These affirmations will place you in the energy of manifestation and abundance.

Affirmations alone however will not manifest the life and business you desire, you need to take intentional action in order to attract what it is you want.

✅ I suggest listening to this Affirmation Meditation as often as you can in order to receive its full benefits.

Do not worry if you fall asleep while listening, your unconscious mind will remain open and absorb all the positive and healing affirmations as you rest and reset.

Be sure to only listen when you are seated comfortably and not operating any sort of vehicle or machinery.

Embrace and Enjoy. ????

Vanessa Marie Dewsbury Reiki Master/Teacher | Spiritual Guide | Bestselling Author

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