S1E17 - Conscious Relationships with Dani Reaume

Welcome to The Soul Evolution Podcast where we talk all things spiritual in life, in business, and in relationships. I believe we need to find ourselves immersed in the darkness in order to find our light, and once we find our light it becomes our responsibility to share it with the world. Join us on the journey of spiritual development and soul evolution.

On todays episode I spend time with Dani Reaume who is a Master Practitioner and Master Coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as a Master Practitioner in the Quantum Change Process™.

Dani works with successful driven women to figure out what they want in life, what is stopping them from having it, and guides them to breakthrough their limiting beliefs so they can achieve what it is they desire. She talks about her own journey to finding healthy love and shares her process to help others find a healthy, happy, and healing relationship.

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