POS Fundraising Benchmarking & Best Practices With American Heart Association & Accelerist

Seventy-seven point-of-sale fundraising campaigns that each raised $1 million or more in 2022 were included in this year’s Charity Checkout Champions report. This biennial study was released at EFG2023 in May and highlighted that these checkout champions raised a cumulative $749 million, up 24% since the 2020 report. These campaigns have raised $6.7 billion over the past three decades.

In today’s episode, EFG’s Alli Murphy is joined by Alex Carson, Senior National Corporate Relations Lead at American Heart Association (AHA), and Brittany Hill, Founder and CEO of Accelerist, to dive into best practices in point-of-sale fundraising. 

The American Heart Association’s “Life Is Why” campaign inspires consumers to honor their reasons to live healthier, longer lives - by giving. The nonprofit has three “Charity Checkout Champions” in this year’s report with Big Lots, Pilot Travel Centers and Walgreens.

In today’s episode, we’ll explore:

  • What made AHA’s campaigns with Big Lots, Pilot Travel Centers and Walgreens successful
  • How consumer engagement and sentiment towards POS fundraising has changed post-pandemic
  • Donation options that are most popular (and prevalent) at POS
  • Best practices for developing successful fundraising campaigns
  • Advice to listeners developing their own POS campaigns
  • How to optimize campaigns given economic impacts expected in 2023

Links & Notes

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  • (00:00) - Welcome to Engage for Good
  • (02:09) - Introducing Alex Carson
  • (03:07) - Introducing Brittany Hill
  • (04:24) - Three Big Campaigns!
  • (07:00) - Post-Pandemic Environment
  • (10:06) - Key Factors toward Growth
  • (17:42) - Challenges
  • (24:54) - Optimizing Economy-Forward
  • (27:38) - Learn More

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