Welcomed by Design and Unwell, part 2

We're back with the second episode of Welcomed by Design's interview with the Unwell team at the University of Pittsburgh! We hope you enjoy, and we're looking forward to bringing back more of Unwell Season Five in two weeks. ====== On this episode of Welcomed by Design, we listen back to Fall 2022’s Queer Horror Week, coordinated by Pitt’s Horror Studies Working Group. Members of our team got to panel with many cool creatives, including the wonderful, BBC award-winning team of Unwell, to talk about accessibility and identity in the world of audio dramas! With a topic like that, there’s obviously going to be far too much good conversation to have a mere hour of footage. So we’re releasing a two-part special (which, given its patchwork of event audio clips, a lá Frankenstein’s monster, is thematically spooky in structure). In this part 2, we discuss inclusive world-building, from challenging what gets capital-O Othered and what is normalized, to some of the team’s favorite aspects of the world they’ve created. Be sure to check out part 1 for even more conversation, which focuses on real-life accessibility and inclusion in their production. Open episode transcript (which we’ve annotated this episode, in honor of Unwell!) (An unembedded link to the resource library, which includes transcripts, will be at the bottom of this description for anyone needing to copy and paste the link in a web browser.) Go to our resource library (for terms and recommended readings) Check out Unwell, a fictional Midwestern Gothic Mystery podcast, about conspiracies, ghosts, and unusual families of blood and choice… Host and producer: Lynn Priestley Executive producer: Dr. Jessica FitzPatrick Sound designer: Chloe Dahan Producer: Emily Kuntz Transcriber: Shivangi “Teddy” Tiwari Sound credits: Turning to You” from Landmans Duet, by Blue Dot Sessions (www.sessions.blue), “Valantis” from Cauldron, by Blue Dot Sessions (www.sessions.blue), Some sound effects were sourced from Freesound.org., Julesv4 - Door Creaking, Nettimato - Chain, Keweldog - Crunching Scraping, Mincedbeats - Gel Squelches, TRP - Foot Squish Wet Mud Puddle Stratford, Garzul - Analog Lazer fx, Florianreichelt - Soft Wind, The remaining sound clips used (except for the door opening sound clip), outside of spoken audio, were free sound effects from https://www.fesliyanstudios.com If you have questions, guest suggestions, or comments about the accessibility of this podcast, please don’t hesitate to email us at welcomedbydesign@gmail.com. Unembedded link to above-mentioned resource library: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1unKUUqD_SH2Qi0C94s2j7WEuXdtP0k0e?usp=sharing Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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