reCOMPOSE 83: Lightroom Series 7 — Lightroom CC and Lightroom

reCOMPOSE 83: Lightroom Series 7 — Lightroom and Lightroom ClassicWith guest pro Kevin Lisota, we dive into the similarities and differences between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.  Connect with Our Hosts a Guests Email your questions to reCOMPOSE Andy Williams: Website, Instagram, Facebook Marc Muench: Website, Instagram, Facebook Kevin Lisota Picks of the Week Andy: Muench Workshops Online Marc: Uplift Standing Desk Kevin: Sky Safari App Previous Podcast Episodes on Lightroom Series #6 was Adobe's Katrin Eismann (rc-060 July 2019) Series #5 was Importing and Travel Workflow (rc-055 May 2019) Series #4 was Keyboard Shortcuts And More (rc-054 April 2019) Series #3 was Masking (rc-042 October 2018) Series #2 was Develop Workflow (rc-030 April 2018) Series #1 was Why LR and Intro to Library Module (rc-010 May 2017) LR Shortcuts episode from Alphamirrorless The reCOMPOSE Podcast is edited by David Rosenthal 

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