Episode #174: Dina Litovsky / Photographer

Award winning documentary and editorial photographer Dina Litovsky joins the podcast to talk about how she went from studying pre-med and psychology at NYU to falling in love with photography and earning her masters at SVA and going on to work with everyone from Time to National Geographic.   During our conversation Dina talks about what it was like to immigrate to New York at the age of 11, her long time love of music, art, and culture, what made her realize that her interest in psychology and sociology actually intersected with her love of photography, and how she went about building her career.  We also talk about how she stayed busy over the last year with her personal project "Dark City" and her fascination with remote portrait work, how her style ended up garnering attention from renowned publications, what it's like to focus on personal projects in the midst of so much editorial work, and the advice she gives to others chasing their own creative dreams.   To Learn More About Dina Litovsky Visit: https://dinalitovsky.com And Follow Her On Instagram At: https://www.instagram.com/dina_litovsky/ To Learn More About Visual Revolutionary Visit: https://www.visualrevolutionary.com And Follow On Instagram At: https://www.instagram.com/visualrevolutionary/

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