Episode 12: The Angry Millennials / Jose Rosado and Stevie Chris

Photographers and Fellow Podcasters Jose Rosado and Stevie Chris have a lot to say when it comes to the younger generation, the lackluster job market, and trying to carve out a spot in the world of photography in an ever growing sea of content.  After failed attempts at trying to sustain a career path, or in Stevie's case, growing road weary after years in a hard core band, they both decided to re-emmerse themselves in the world of photography and to start their own podcast "The Angry Millennial Show".   We talk about some of the trials and tribulations of coming up in the current state of the industry, how to stay current and keep creative with so much competition, and even have the chance to talk a little "inside baseball" on podcasting and being inspired by the people on our shows.  More About The Angry Millennial Podcast: http://www.theangrymillennialshow.com More About Jose Rosado: http://www.joserosadophoto.com More About Stevie Chris: http://www.steviechris.com Original Music By: http://5thdimensioncaravan.com About Visual Revolutionary  http://www.visualrevolutionary.com   BECAUSE WE ARE INTERESTED IN PEOPLE'S STORY, AND NOT WHAT TYPE OF GEAR THEY USE, WE INTRODUCE A NEW MUCH NEEDED PODCAST IN THE WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY AND CINEMATOGRAPHY.  FEATURING IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS WITH SOME OF THE COUNTRY'S LEADING PHOTOGRAPHERS, DIRECTORS, CINEMATOGRAPHERS, AND OTHER VISUAL REVOLUTIONARIES, WE ARE BRINGING YOU THE BACKSTORY ON HOW SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST GOT TO WHERE THEY ARE TODAY.    

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