A Mega Update - Episode 19 - Stadium Cast

On this episode of StadiumCast, AJ a John gloat about the Community Day vote results and give their $0.02 about the Niantic response to the open letter from the community. AJ is not happy about Mega Evolutions and John does nothing to calm him down other than cheering about stickers. There is plenty of Master League information between Kakuna's Corner and the Deep Dive, and plenty of time wasted with another edition of AJ's Alphabet. If you didn't have enough of Mega talk, you're in luck; the Speculation Station focuses on how they could be balanced in PvP. Current Events Porygon and Charmander win the CD vote Niantic responds to the open letter from the community STICKERS for you, and for you and for you! Megas are here... and the community responds Mega evolution introduction Megas in Raids September events are announced Kakuna's Corner - Master League Deep Dive - Master League and Premier Cup AJ's Alphabet - G is for Get Rekt Speculation Station - Megas in PvP #StadiumGivesBack is Supporting Campaign Zero a #8CantWait || Donate Here Intro/Outro Music - Orbits by Toni Leys @tonileys on Twitter || Credit: https://diversity.moe Transitions a Sound Effects by Epidemic Sound || https://www.epidemicsound.com Support the Show on Patreon || www.patreon.com/GOStadium Join our Discord || https://invite.gg/gostadium Check out our Fellow Podcasters:  Pokémon Professor Network Our PvP Podcast Battle Science Podcast The Competitive Edge Hosts - AJPilot a JRHonda121 Audio Editing by Ken Pescatore of LuredUp Show Art by Rambling Rabbit

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