Dude Where's My Deino? - Episode 16 - Stadium Cast

On this episode of StadiumCast, John turns 30! But is he going senile? Both AJ a John mock others' misfortune since trainers are more likely to get struck by lightning than to hatch a non-shiny Deino.  AJ actually shows emotion with his excitement about the upcoming Magikarp Community Day. The episode is packed with information as Matt from PvPoke gives us the scoop in Kakuna's Corner and AJ drones on endlessly about Gyarados and Abomasnow. ThoTechtical from the EU Emperors survives an interview from AJ and accepting his fate, AJ explains what "DPE" means during AJ's Alphabet. The episode winds down with AJ a John theory crafting a feature that will probably never come in the Speculation Station. Happy Birthday John! Deino eggs? I Deino what you mean. Magikarp JUMPS into Community Day Kakuna's Corner Deep Dive Gyarados with Aqua Tail Abomasnow Champion Spotlight - EU Emperors aLvaR1toOwNz ElisaNobile Rikky1990 TheNut93 ThoTechtical AJ's AlphabetD is for DPE Speculation Station - Status EffectsTri-Attack has been datamined #StadiumGivesBack is Supporting Campaign Zero a #8CantWait || Donate Here Intro/Outro Music - Orbits by Toni Leys @tonileys on Twitter || Credit: https://diversity.moe Transitions a Sound Effects by Epidemic Sound || https://www.epidemicsound.com Support the Show on Patreon || www.patreon.com/GOStadium Join our Discord || https://invite.gg/gostadium Check out our Fellow Podcasters:  Pokémon Professor Network Our PvP Podcast Battle Science Podcast The Competitive Edge Hosts - AJPilot a JRHonda121 Audio Editing by Ken Pescatore of LuredUp Show Art by Rambling Rabbit

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