Home Fest Prep - Episode 14 - Stadium Cast

On this episode of StadiumCast, AJ slings mud at John for slacking off, and they both give their $0.02 on how #battlers should prepare for GO Fest this coming weekend. AJ tries to corrupt SpeediestChief2 during their interview, but the North American Silph Arena Champion keeps their cool.  AJ sneakily skips AJ's alphabet and the episode wraps up  with some speculation on the mysterious Day 2 of GO Fest. GO Fest 2020 Preparation Hoard Alolan Marowak and Togetic! Trash those shinies Keep your friends close, and your gifts closer Interview with SpeediestChief2 Speculation Station - Day 2 of GO Fest #StadiumGivesBack is Supporting Campaign Zero a #8CantWait || Donate Here Intro/Outro Music - Orbits by Toni Leys @tonileys on Twitter || Credit: https://diversity.moe Transitions a Sound Effects by Epidemic Sound || https://www.epidemicsound.com Support the Show on Patreon || www.patreon.com/GOStadium Join our Discord || https://invite.gg/gostadium Check out our Fellow Podcasters:  Pokémon Professor Network Our PvP Podcast Battle Science Podcast The Competitive Edge Hosts - AJPilot a JRHonda121 Show Art by Rambling Rabbit

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