Dr. Dominik Nischwitz: How Your Mouth Affects Your Overall Health

All health starts in your mouth because it’s the gateway to your entire body. How can you guard it better?

In this episode of the Align Podcast, Biological Dentist Dr. Dominik Nischwitz delves into the profound connection of oral health to our overall health and well-being.

With scientific studies proving the origins of chronic diseases in the mouth, Dr. Dome challenges the claims of conventional dentistry that the teeth are separate from the body and explains why the traditional "drill, fill, and bill" dental practice can make things worse. For him, today's world requires a new approach to oral healthcare that fuses advanced technology and natural medicine.

If you want to know what causes tooth decay and how to avoid it, how your mouth is connected to the rest of your body, why root canals and amalgam fillings are deadly, and when you should see a biological dentist, this episode is for you!

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz is a dentist and naturopath, a world specialist in biological dentistry and ceramic implants, and the president of the International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI). In 2015, he co-founded DNA Health and Aesthetics, Center for Biological Dentistry with his father in Tubingen, Germany. His book, “It All Starts in Your Mouth,” explores the impact of oral health on whole body wellness.


What we discuss:

6:00 - What causes cavitation?

11:35 - How the mouth serves as the window into the microbiome

12:58 - What does "chew your water" mean?

17:25 - How are the teeth connected to the central nervous system?

21:20 - What your teeth reveals about your health

23:16 - Why flossing can do more harm than good, and what prevents tooth decay

30:00 - What causes bad breath?

39:20 - How breastfeeding helps the baby's jaw development

43:30 - The relationship of your bite to your spinal posture

1:06:20 - The key to optimal oral health requires a return to nature and ancient strategies

1:09:00 - Why all dentists should be biological dentists


Learn more from Dr. Dominik:

Instagram: @drdome1

Book: It’s All in Your Mouth: Biological Dentistry and the Surprising Impact of Oral Health on Whole Body Wellness


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