Kai Wu: Unlocking Alpha by Harnessing Alternative Data and Modern Technology in Investment Strategies

Discover how to unlock the power of alternative data in your investment strategy with Kai Wu, founder and chief investment officer of Sparkline Capital, as he speaks with Paul Andrews, head of Research, Advocacy, and Standards at CFA Institute. Listen in as we explore the use of modern technology, data, and machine learning to enhance traditional investment approaches. Kai shares how Sparkline Capital applies these innovative techniques to measure intrinsic value, especially in the realm of intangible assets. Learn how alternative data sets and tools like natural language processing and AI can revolutionize your approach to value investing.
In the second part of our discussion, we focus on the potential of AI in risk management and investing. We explore how natural language processing can be used to quantify intangible assets and measure risk. Kai shares insights from Sparkline's experiences in using alternative data to make more informed investment decisions. We also discuss the significance of creating transparent and traceable models and the growing role of data vendors in the investment landscape. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation packed with actionable insights for today's tech-savvy investor.
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(0:00:06) - Using Alternative Data in Value Investing
(0:12:14) - AI in Investing and Risk Management
(0:17:20) - The Importance of Unstructured Information

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