036 Finding Fulfillment and Gratitude

In today's episode, we talk about one of the most overlooked aspects of having a richer lifestyle: living a fulfilled life. As we are in the week of Thanksgiving here in America, and it's the moment of the year when most people take a step back and feel grateful, I thought the timing was right to introduce a new framework, The Gratitude Grid

Gratitude is a huge part of affluent life, and it is almost impossible to have a meaningful, impactful life without it. So today, we will go through The Gratitude Grid, a weekly practice that turns into a daily routine. We will also go through The Gratitude Game Plan, a habit to create a cycle of appreciation and positivity around us. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- The effects of not practicing gratitude, how it can affect our business, our relationships and our lives in general

- What happens when we bring up the energy of gratitude into our lives

- The three core principles of practicing gratitude

- The three categories from the internal perspective of gratitude

- What activities we need to put into play to practice gratitude

- What is The Gratitude Game Plan

I believe today's society is starving for people coming from a place of gratitude and showing appreciation for others and themselves. I firmly believe that if we approach life humbly, considering others' needs and desires, and showing gratitude and appreciation, we'll have bigger chances of getting where we want to go. This way we'll leave a trail of beautiful souls blessed with our gratitude and appreciation, and the best part of it, it doesn't cost us anything. 


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