Bilingual Episode (German and English): Discovering ELF ???????? and EU Interpreting ???????? with Karin Reithofer

An Italian native speaker and a Portuguese native speaker walk into a bar. They are speaking to each other. Which language are they using? Is it English or ELF? What even is ELF? In today's episode, my guest is EU intrepreter and ELF expert Karin Reithofer. We discuss * How Karin got into her career as a freelance interpreter working in 4 languages * My non-scientific (and apparently correct!) theory about the personalities of interpreters and translators * What ELF is and who speaks it * Who owns English and whose English is correct? * How Brexit has liberated the EU (linguistically! don't come for me!) Bilingual Episode Karin and I are both German native speakers, so we switched from English into German for a little bit to give you some listening practice as a learner. If you are not a German learner, don't worry as we'll always switch back to English and I interpreted make sure you don't miss anything. Here I always like to remember what the late Ron Gullekson from Language Surfer told me: "in a new language, I like to get uncomfortable as early as possible." So enjoy the challenge and enjoy the German practice! Where do you listen? Take a photo of where you're listening to the Fluent Show and share it on social media to say hello! Here's where you can tag me: * Twitter: * Instagram: and #thefluentshow Thank you to Karin for this episode introduction in Kärntnerisch. Love the show? Rate & Review it here ( Special Guest: Karin Reithofer.

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