Wondery Presents - Even The Rich: Murder In The House of Gucci

In an all-new season of Wondery's podcast, Even The Rich — Hosts Brooke and Aricia bring you the absolutely true and twisted tale of the Gucci family. This three-part series takes a look at the life and tragic death of Maurizio Gucci, a timid young boy who clawed his way to the head of the Gucci family table. On his climb to the top, he turned an epic family empire into an epic family feud, pitting cousin against cousin, brother against brother, and husband against wife. And just when it seemed like Maurizio might emerge from the fight unscathed, he was murdered in cold blood. Who arranged the hit? His jilted ex-wife? One of the many Gucci cousins who despised him? Or was it the mafia? As the lead detective on the case said, “We were going to have to take his life in our hands and open it like a book.”

Listen to the rest of this episode at wondery.fm/HoG_DyingForSex

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